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Women in Christian Leadership is honored to share with you the opportunity to purchase branded items. Women in Christian Leadership has partnered with Lula Bell Whimsical Cards and Gifts, Strength for the Journey Traveling Pendants, and Classic Stitch. Each of these women-owned businesses is offering a portion of the sales go back to Women in Christian Leadership to support our efforts to encourage, educate and elevate women.

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Why Lydia's Boutique? 

The name Lydia represents more than meets the eye; it's a name that suggests you give up what you want so other people can have what they need. Lydia is a woman of the bible, a worshipper of God, a leader (referenced in Acts 16: 11- 15). Lydia is a biblical example of a godly woman working boldly in her spheres of influence. She was a successful and independent businesswoman producing purple dye and cloth. Her wealth allowed her to live independently in a spacious house.

Most importantly, she was a religious seeker. Lydia was the first in her community to believe in Jesus Christ, the first Christian convert on the European continent. When Paul saw her, she was with a group of devout women who gathered to pray at a place by the river just outside the city. Her heart was opened by the Lord to listen to the things which were spoken by Paul. As a newly baptized Christian, Lydia extended the invitation to Paul and Silas and other coworkers to come and stay at her home. Having a place to stay freed them to preach and minister without working at other jobs. Lydia's home became the place where the congregation that developed in Philippi gathered for worship and fellowship.  

Today’s Lydia may look like this: A CEO of Luxury Textile who hosts weekly prayer meetings and co-founds a Christian organization to fill a need; a persuasive business leader, influential businesswoman, and missionary.

We first turned to Lydia in April 2022, as we designated the name of one of our Leadership Awards as Lydia. We strongly believe that Lydia is the best representation of Women in Christian Leadership - who we want to be and serve. We hope you find the qualities of Lydia, especially opening her home to become a place of fellowship, synonymous to the sisterhood within Women in Christian Leadership. 

Welcome to Lydia's!

Our Mission

Women in Christian Leadership gathers to Encourage, Educate, and Elevate women to live for Jesus Christ in God's glory.


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Jeanne Porter, Founder

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