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Unfolding the Truth: One Book at a Time - Galatians

In his letter to the Galatian churches, Paul calls believers to the true freedom found in Christ alone. In this study, Lisa will walk you through the book of Galatians verse by verse as you look at Paul’s passion for the gospel and the believers.

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Unfolding the Truth: One Book at a Time - Ephesians

Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus was to encourage the believers and explain the Church as the body of Christ. In this study, Lisa will walk you through the book of Ephesians verse by verse as you look at Paul’s passion for the gospel and the believers.

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Unfolding the Truth: One Book at a Time - Galatians

Join Lisa on a 31-day journey through the pages of God’s Word. Each day’s verse will show you how God’s Word imparts knowledge, gives wisdom, and provides guidance for your everyday living.

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Unfolding the Truth: One Book at a Time - Galatians

Join Lisa in going Deeper Still in your relationship with God as you journey through the pages of His Word. We are going to immerse ourselves in scripture to know the Source of our hope more intimately. Taking this plunge, together, will leave us saturated in truth and invigorated with a renewed sense of hope. Let the hope of God’s Word bring nourishment and you will soon discover a more personal, intimate relationship with Him.

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Power of Praise online course by Hannah Picard,

Made to Praise

The S.T.A.R. online program by Daria Dillard Stone, Sharing Ministries

Six Powerful Video Sessions that God will use to help you navigate the hurdles of life with greater joy, peace and hope in Him!

Praise Coaching is a God-centered approach to transformation where God’s greatness, His great EVERYthingness collides with your day to day life to bring perspective shifts that will transform your life. It’s a Biblical, personalized, and practical approach for helping Christians thrive and not just survive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, & professionally.

"Praise coaching is a transformative experience both mentally and spiritually. So often we have negative thoughts that take over and impact how we see ourselves, circumstances and even God. Praise coaching renews the heart and mind. With practical applications, it teaches and reminds you that there are always opportunities for praise. Coaching results in a complete shift of perspective -- one that is spirit-led and glorifies God in all things." - Elaine

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Dr. Rhonda Smith's online school, Academy of Hope Foundation, is LIVE! 

She has developed a workshop titled “The Codependency Cure: Self-Love Breakthrough “. The workshop is approved through the State of Ohio for 6.0 CEUS for Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage & Family therapists. It it is our responsibility, as providers, to understand the core issues our clients are dealing with. This workshop will help enlighten you on some of the traumas and a host of other issues clients are struggling to cope with.

Click here for the current curriculum that was published by Covenant Books on self-love and transformation. This curriculum teaches you to learn to love yourself first and embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation. Thank You!

Please open the link to see the current CEU’s offered.

Why I chose the word S.T.A.R. to create an acronym for this program?

It started at PACE. Teachers, parents, and students came in feeling overwhelmed with life and downtrodden with little belief in themselves. So I began telling them that they are a S.T.A.R., then God gave me the acronym for it.

Smart: Too many people don’t feel like they are smart, and it hinders their self-confidence and self-worth.

Talented: Too many people don’t realize they have talent, therefore they never use their talent. When someone doesn’t use their talent, they don’t inspire and motivate others to greatness. This leaves them feeling less fulfilled.

Awesome: When you know you are smart and capitalize on your talent, you will begin to feel that you are awesome and authentic. When you believe you are awesome, you will act like an awesome human being.

Respected: People who don’t believe they are smart who don’t use their talent and who do not believe they are awesome, are seldom respected. Therefore, you must get to a place where you respect yourself by knowing you are smart, talented, and awesome so others will respect you.

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Introducing The S.T.A.R. Program video by Daria Dillard Stone

Looking for a speaker that ignites your inner strength, invites new found hope and delights your determination to never give up” well you found what you’re looking for - Daria Dillard Stone, The Servant! Through Mentoring, Ministering, Educating, Connecting and Supporting- Daria will guide you to be a ⭐️ STAR Servant Leader. Contact: or visit the website

Click here to watch a video testimonial on Daria's speaking skills.

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